Giving Options

Giving options available


The Lord's portion

Covenant Offering

Used for local church expenses and world mission

Local Church Building

This offering is used to improve or continue the church's building project or maintain the current structure.

Education Fund (SOSTIC)

This fund was developed in 2013 to alleviate the financial challenges that our schools (Portland & Port Maria High & Preparatory Schools) face.

Mission Development Offering

This fund assists with capital development, that is; campsite, conference office & church or school buildings.

NCU Media Group (NCU-TV/NCU FM 91.1, 91.3, 91.5)

The media group serves as a beacon of light to Jamaica. This is your opportunity in partnering in this cause of enlightening the nation.

NEJC Mobile Clinic

You are being asked to partner with the Community Services Department of the Conference to purchase a mobile health clinic to serve remote communities.

NEJC Studio

The Communication Department of the conference is seeking to purchase equipment to bolster the media output of the conference.

The Time Has Come Evangelistic Series 2023

Speaker: Pastor Adlai Blythe Starting July 2, 2023

JAMU Food Bank

To extend the compassionate ministry of Jesus by sourcing and distributing food to needy persons in Jamaica.


Give to any other noteworthy cause

Footprints of Hope Evangelistic Series

FootPrints of Hope is the first mega crusade of hope beyond. Five Adventist Unions of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists welcome you!

IAD 5th Camporee - April 4-8, 2023

“Pathfinders in Mission,” the camporee will be held at Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium near Montego Bay, and will draw spiritual lessons from Gideon and his call, from the Book of Judges, to motivate pathfinders and their leaders to grow in the faith of Christ and the fulfillment of His mission.

Yanique Lawson Medical Fund

To assist Yanique Lawson in covering expenses associated with her dialysis.

Church Building

Used for church building expenses

Ian Bryan Medical Fund

Assist Ian Bryan in clearing an outstanding medical bill after doing a medical procedure on his back.

Behold the Lamb Gospel Explosion

Manchioneal District Evangelistic Campaign in Long Road, Portland with Evangelist Steve King


TITHE - is a sacred responsibility for all Christians. It provides for ministers, teachers, and evangelists througout the world.
CHURCH BUDGET - supports your local church congregation and its ministries. This includes expenses related to evangelism, outreach, educational subsidies, Sabbath School, and utilities.
C.W.D - provides for local church building and conference infrastructural development.
WORLD MISSIONS - supports various outreach and evangelistic ministries world-wide.
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